Walk on the Wild Side

Walk on the Wild Side
June 25th & 26th, July 16th & 17th and August 13th and 14th

Cultivate your inner budding herbalist by taking a Walk on the Wild Side with herbalist Margo Mullein. In this workshop you will get to know the wonderful wild medicinal herbs at Wiawaka. Learn how to identify, harvest, and work with wild plants that support health and well-being, naturally. Deepen your connection to the earth as you discover green allies who are living and thriving at Wiawaka (and probably in your own back yard as well!) Each weekend will include lecture, a plant identification walk, time for movement, meditation and journaling, as well as learning extraction methods. In addition, we’ll practice traditional hands-on techniques for making herbal preparations such as infusions, tinctures, balms, and electuaries.

Class themes:
June 25 & 26: Harvesting – Fresh Plant Infusions aka The Sacred Union of Plants and Water
July 16 & 17: Blending – Formulations with purpose and the art of salve making
August 13 & 14: Extraction & Preserving for immediate gratification and long term relationship.

Note: While these classes do stand on their own, I invite you to attend all in the series, because with each your knowledge and intuition will increase and your experience with the earth deepen.

There is a $25 materials fee due to the instructor at the beginning of class.

Overnight guests or day pass holders may attend the class for free (must register in advance), otherwise there is a $16 workshop fee for each session. If you choose to register for all three sessions the cost is $45.00.

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