Volunteer Opportunities

Wiawaka operates with a staff of 1 full time director, a caretaker and house manager, and 12 seasonal staff. We rely on volunteers to help with event planning and projects.  Below is a list of upcoming opportunities in 2020.

If you want to speak to someone about volunteering for a special project, helping during the summer season or helping with an event, please contact Doreen at wiawakadirector@gmail.com or call (518) 668-9690.

Thank you for your help!

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

Help Needed – Looking for volunteers to help keep the historical aspects of Wiawaka alive. We will be looking for people to do small paint and refinishing projects in the spring.

Spring Cleanup Weekends
May 16th and 17th
May 30th and 31st
, 2020. 

Many hands make light work.

Ladies of the Lake Luncheon – June 15th, 2020
The Luncheon Committee is seeking volunteers to assist with raffles and the silent auction. Beginning in January 2020 assistance is needed in soliciting and picking up auction items. On the day prior to the luncheon we will need help delivering items to the Lake George Club and on the day of the luncheon assistance will be needed in selling raffle tickets and assorted silent auction tasks.
If you would like to volunteer and be part of Wiawaka’s signature fundraising event. Indicate the following task(s) with which you can assist: auction item solicitation and pick up, raffle ticket sales and assorted auction activities.

Event Help.  We have several NEW events in 2020 and could use your help! 

Help throughout our summer season.  Those interested in helping us during the summer season, let us know. We have many volunteer opportunities for you.  We welcome your help!