Season Pass &Day Use

Women from all over the region choose to visit for the day by purchasing a day or season pass, which grants them access to the Wiawaka grounds during the season. Guests enjoy our 60 acres of property by using our hiking trails, walking through the gardens, fairy trail & labyrinth, swimming and relaxing on our large dock.  We offer an escape from the hustle and bustle of the public beach and supply ample parking.

Covid-19 safety protocols are posted for day use and season pass holders.  There will be a limited number of pass holders and day use allowed on the property to ensure proper social distancing guidelines.

Please call the front desk at (518) 668-9690 up to 3 days in advance or on the day of  your anticipated arrival to reserve your space and confirm availability for season pass and day use. 

There are Covid-19 safety guidelines to be reviewed prior to your arrival.
Click here for the most up to date guidelines.  Be prepared to bring your face covering and a chair.

A Day Pass is $15.00. Please call  the front desk in advance prior to your arrival to confirm availability. 

Day use and season pass use is daily from June 26th – August 31st, 2021 from 8am-8pm daily. This is subject to change.

Wiawaka will be close at 8pm on August 31st, 2021.

Planning to come up often? Check out the benefits of a season pass below. A limited number will be sold this summer. Due to COVID-19 and the safety limitations for social distancing, season passes holders will need to call the front desk before arrival to confirm availability. Your purchase of a season pass supports Wiawaka and our mission.

2021 Standard Pass – $240.00

  • Access to the property during our season
  • Bring a guest for $10 every Sunday
  • 3 free guest passes
  • 2 free lunches
  • 10% off overnight accommodations and Wiawaka logo merchandise

Purchase your 2021 season pass now! Click here