Restorative Yoga

DSCN6942 (9)Restorative Therapeutic Yoga is a quieting supportive and deeply nourishing practice, Yin in quality requiring no muscular effort, where with the help of props and guidance you practice releasing the inner grip of the muscular, emotional and energetic bodies.

When practiced regularly Restorative poses lead to overall improved health. Restorative can have a great therapeutic impact during times of low energy, injury, grief and various other stresses. They help create a healing environment in the body by balancing the nervous system and allowing optimal energy flow, restoring us at a physical, emotional, mental and energetic level.

Andrea Gray is a Certified Restorative Therapeutic Yoga instructor, studying under Jillian Pransky. She brings a heart centered approach to Restorative, providing individual attention to her clients while keeping their highest good in mind. During her sessions she uses gentle meditative queuing, offers therapeutic grade essential oils and tuning forks. Sessions are an hour or more in length.

Andrea has a private practice locally where she also offers Healing Touch, Cherokee Bodywork and Healing Touch for Animals® .

Individual sessions will be available on Wednesdays in the 2016 season beginning July 6th
9am – 4pm  $80/hour session
Call 518-668-9690 x 2 to schedule your appointment.