Nourishing the Body

An invitation to ‘Align with what is most essential.’

All too often as women we can feel disconnected from our self and overwhelmed with the demands of our lives. This retreat will provide you with the opportunity for some self-inquiry – exploring the magnificence of your multi-dimensional body and feeling nourished on your deepest soul level.

Practices will invite you to …
• Let-go … Let-be … Dive deep within
• Unravel from the daily stressors of life
• Recollect and reconnect with your whole sense of being

Come, we invite and welcome you to:
• Become inspired by experiencing yoga and meditation practices that are progressively enlightening.
• Practice gentle flowing movements and static postures of Structural Yoga, a style of classical yoga, rooted in the teachings of the great sage Patanjali and the eight-fold path. This ancient system, guides spiritual seekers to align with the divine nature that we are.
• Experience Mindfulness Meditations, teachings from the Buddha, which guide practitioners along an eight-fold path, progressively leading practitioners to knowing the true self.
• Learn how the teachings guide us to deepen our sensitivity so we may experience our multi-dimensionality – from the densest of feeling sensations to the subtlest and how all is interconnected.

Leave the retreat with a renewed sense for how to nourish yourself on all levels, and feeling there is no separation, only wholeness.
The Yoga movement is adaptive and for Every Body (please contact the presenter if you have concerns or questions).

To register please email Mary Bartel at or call 518-354-2425. Cost to attend the retreat is $150, and must be paid directly to Mary. Visit

Click the link for a Retreat Agenda

Wiawaka Day, Meal and Overnight rates apply. To make your reservations for Day Visit, accommodations or meals please call 518-668-9690 or click here.

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