Spa Services


We are pleased to offer a variety of spa services to enhance your stay at Wiawaka.  Below is information about our practitioners, Julia and Ellen.  You can book your appointment by calling 518-668-9690

Massage with Julia
Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays
unnamedJulia is a 2014 graduate from the Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy. In addition to being a licensed massage therapist in the State of New York she also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology from the college of St. Rose and A Masters of Education from Walden University. She also is a certified by the East Side Institute in Social Therapeutics, a performance-based method of psychotherapy.
Julia became passionate about massage as it relates to holistic
health care through her own massage therapy experience. She is
committed to enhancing the mind-body- spirit connection and educating
her clients so they can stay healthy and active. Julia lives in Round Lake New York with her long time companion, Oz, her black Miniature Schnauzer.

Energy Medicine & Biofield Tuning with Ellen
Tuesdays and Saturdays (No services on June 29th)
30 min for $40, and 60 min for $70 

Energy TuningEnergy Medicine is a powerful way of working with your body’s subtle electrical and electromagnetic energies by accessing 8 systems, the best known being the chakras, (spinning energies at major nerve & hormonal centers), the meridians (energy rivers, mapped by acupuncturists), and the aura (or biofield, in physics terminology). Gentle touch connecting points across the body and work in the body’s energy field unclogs blockages and reinforces optimal energetic patterns so the body can heal itself.

Ellen uses a mix of applied kinesiology and intuition to evaluate the health of basic energy systems, helps your body create better flow in the compromised areas as you recline on a massage table, and teaches energy “exercises” for you to use at home to train your newly reinstated patterns to become habitual. She integrates the vibrations of flower essences, crystals and healing sound into her sessions as appropriate, to amplify and stabilize your inherent radiance.

Biofield Tuning
Biofield Tuning is an exciting new modality pioneered, in which a client lays on a massage table while tuning forks are used to slowly comb through the biofield until places of dissonance are found. The dissonance corresponds to emotional charges that became stuck in our fields from difficult life experiences. Because our emotional charges move out into our fields as we grow and generate new ones, much like rings in a tree move out from it’s core, we can give an approximate age of origin to each stuck charge by comparing the distance from the edge of your field (birth), to your body (your current age). We continue to activate the tuning fork in that area until the dissonant charge entrains with the coherence of the fork, removing areas of static. Next we move this newly unlocked energy back to the body to buoy us up and help us heal.

The result is that when new difficulties crop up in life, we reference more clarity in our fields.  Many people feel physically lighter, clearer, better able to cope, and able to resonate with and attract the experiences and people they want to come into their lives. (Biofield Tuning is avoided in cases of Diabetes, Pacemakers, and Cancer.)

Regressive Hypnosis
Ellen trained with Dr. Brian Weiss to help people retrieve old, perhaps ancient memories, bring the happy ones to the surface, release the bad ones , and bring into waking consciousness lessons learned/ wisdom gained from the past that may help in the present. *Note: This is not hypnotherapy.