Healing the Spirit through Dreams and Music

July 8-10, 2016

In dreamwork, participants will explore images from both ordinary reality and the sleep dream which can be used in useful exercises and self-dialogue to both understand their everyday dreaming and, in a healing environment, provide visual imagery for the empowerment of the mind, spirit, and body.  Wanda Burch will lead participants through simple questions and dialogue developed by Robert Moss, writer and dream historian, to access the imagery in dreams for further exploration through sharing, dream re-entry, dream tracking, and dream theatre.

John Kenosian, singer/songwriter and artist, has worked passionately and professionally with music and art his entire life. Participants will explore drawing, songwriting, and sound to access their personal creative voice. Music, art, dreams, and imagery are proven tools for healing, and each of these easily evolves as stories and provides a place that allows us to touch and access our higher self and transform that energy into a more joyful experience of life.

Join Wanda Burch and John Kenosian for a weekend retreat focused on healing your spirit through dreams and music

Cost: $350 per person, includes lodging, meals, program and journals

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