Eden Energy Medicine

Eden Energy Medicine is a powerful way of working with your body’s electrical, electromagnetic, and other, more subtle energetic patterns by accessing 8 systems, the best known being the chakras, (spinning energies at major nerve & hormonal centers), the meridians (energy rivers, accessed in acupuncture) & the aura (or biofield, in physics terms). Gentle touch connecting points across the body

and work in the body’s energy field unclogs blockages and reinforces optimal energetic patterns so that the body can heal itself.

Ellen O’Connell took informal Energy Medicine classes for 5 years before earning a scholarship to Donna Eden’s 2 year Energy Medicine Certification Program, graduating in February 2011. She integrates the vibrations of flower essences, crystals and healing sound into her sessions as appropriate, to amplify and stabilize your inherent radiance with every available frequency. Ellen practices at The Garden, 434 Church St., Saratoga Springs.

Call for Appointments on Tuesdays and Saturdays, 9am-5pm
beginning June 25th

518-668-9690 x 2

$35/half hour
$65/full hour