It11415308_124776414521718_5443809865342982676_nWhen you think of getting away or taking a vacation, food is something that is part of the experience. In the Wiawaka kitchen, we create that delicious experience for you. Our food is the perfect vision of summer and it is indulgent, yet perfect for the season. We take pride in being able to create a menu for you that is created around seasonal foods and as much as possible, local foods. Our gardens provide the herbs and we even have a vegetable garden on grounds that we use to create weekly vegetable dishes, sauces, salads, and soups. The location on the lake is the perfect setting for fresh food.

Our meals are served buffet style in the Fuller Dining Room.  We often have vegetarian and gluten free options. We ask that you please call ahead to let us know your specific needs and we will reasonably provide options for you.

The cost for meals are:

Breakfast – $8

Lunch – $15

Dinner – $20