Operating Fund

Please help to support our plans for improvements and restoration.


IMG_0033We are grateful at Wiawaka to have our historic buildings that we share with house guests, use for programs and serve meals.  As with any historic structure, there is a great deal of care and maintenance that must take place.  At times, major projects must be completed as well (i.e. repairs and preservation of cottages).  With this responsibility comes a great expense and we continually  look for ways to raise the funds to maintain our historic property. Our dedicated Board and Staff are forward thinking and meet regularly to discuss capital improvements and expansion.

Volunteers Always Needed
There are many small projects that need to be done and volunteers are always welcome to assist.  These projects include spring cleaning and winterizing, painting, rescreening, lawn work, minor repairs etc.  Contact Wiawaka’s Executive Director at 518-668-9690 or email her at wiawakadirector@gmail.com to ask how you can assist.

Thank you!