Quilting & Applique Retreat
July 23rd- 27th, 2023
House of Trix
Instructor: Pat Bayard

Join Pat Bayard this summer for some fun and creativity. Everyone is welcome to join this group of ladies who love to Quilt! Beginners through Advanced skill levels are encouraged.

Please call or text Pat if you have questions about the class at 518-760-1491.
Her email address is

New participants are always welcome!

Bring along your sewing machine to work on your own project and/or Pat’s project. There will be ample time in the afternoon to enjoy Wiawaka’s grounds and beautiful Lake George. This years project is an applique Rooster design. Your’re going to use your imagination to finish it. This will be a fun project for you. If you have some beads and buttons you like, bring them along with you.  Please contact to make your reservation.


Beginners Quilting Class 1:30pm-4:30pm (All afternoons that there is a quilt class in the morning with Pat.)

In this years class you will learn the quilting technique of setting the quilt blocks “on point”.  The picture below is a sample of the project that will be done this summer 2023, which depicts a table runner with blocks set “on point” and can be done in a variety of color or seasonal fabric choices.



YOUniquely YOU Putting Women First
July 28th, 29th and 30th, 2023
Retreat Leader: Sharon Burstein
Photo - Head Shot 1 - S A Burstein

Empowering women of all ages to become the best YOU! This fabulous weekend retreat is filled with laughter, love, connections and building you as a woman to new levels of personal growth and success in every aspect of your life, inside and out!

Registration is through Sharon’s website at
If you have any questions please contact Sharon at (518) 339-4027 or at
This weekend is always sold out. Contact Sharon to make sure you have a spot!

Click here for more information! 

Retreat August 4th-6th, 2023
Retreat Instructor: Linda Tipke
boces pixIMG_1022

THE ART OF WILD PLANT INFUSIONS Presented by Margo Mullein
Margo Mullein is a practicing Herbalist for over 25 years and is passionate about plants. In this session Margo will walk us around Wiawaka’s property where we will identify, smell, taste, and harvest nature’s offerings. Upon returning from break we will make infusions, talk about their
benefits and how they differ from a polite cup of tea. If you would like more information, please check out her website at

Herbs are the foremost medicines of Ayurveda. There is very little distinction between food and medicine in this science. Herbs are put in food for taste and medicinal effects. A strong influence on patients’ doshas, after food, is spices. Spices are obtained from the roots, flowers, fruits, seeds, or bark of plants or herbs. They have different active principles, which gives them
specific characters. These active principles have specific functions within the body. In this session we will discuss these principles, the influence of taste, the action of several (not all) spices and how they are used as medicine.

BACH FLOWER REMEDIES presented by Rori Coleman. Edward Bach was a British medical doctor, bacteriologist, homeopath, and spiritual writer, best
known for developing the Bach flower remedies, a form of alternative medicine inspired by classical homeopathic tradition. He devoted his life to finding a simple and effective answer to people’s distress. Through research and the rigorous study of human nature, he became convinced that at the heart of al distress and disease lay an imbalance in emotional outlook:
our fear, suspicion, anger, greed, discouragement and other negative feelings may stand in the way of our contentment, joy, inner peace and good health. In this session Rori will share information and remedies that can assist in the process of self-healing.

DIVINE SLEEP® YOGA NIDRA Nowhere to go and nothing to do, “Yogic sleep” offers a sacred time when one can go inward for deep renewal and relaxation. It is meditative, heart opening and cultivates self-compassion. This guided meditation will leave you feeling peaceful and at ease.

Cost of retreat includes materials: $125
Room and Board: $350
Includes meals from Dinner on Friday night to Breakfast on Sunday morning
$175 due for room deposit upon making reservation
$300 balance due July 15.
For reservations and information contact Linda Tipke 518-538-7712 or email

Jane Austen
August 18th, 19th and 20th, 2023

Join the Jane Austen Society North America-New York Capital Region for the 13th Annual Jane Austen Retreat. Participants of the weekend will join scholars and enthusiasts in exploring Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. This year they are featuring Sense and Sensibility.
To sign up please contact Nancy Duell at 518-321-1887 or call (518) 668-9690 or email  to reserve your room. Don’t wait this weekend will fill up fast!

Wholehearted Women’s Retreat
August 11th-13th, 2023
Facilitator: Cate LeBarre

We rarely give ourselves credit for our strength and resilience. If we reflect on our lives up to this precious moment, we’ve navigated hardships and challenges beyond count. Have we stopped to acknowledge them? Probably not. We are bombarded by cultural messages of not-enough-ness. It’s time to stop. Time to cultivate the courage to be authentic and imperfect; to love ourselves not for what we do, but for who we are. Time to embrace our inner badass who knows exactly who she is and what she needs.

Cate* gently guides participants through creative exercises and inner exploration from her 19 years of experience as a certified coach and 8 years as a certified facilitator or The Daring Way™ curriculum, developed by Dr. Brené Brown. Exploration will include elements of Brené Brown’s brilliant curriculum and exclusive videos, as well as other adventures in self-discovery. (For “pure” Daring Way™ curriculum, view tabs above for virtual workshop examples or consider an individual coaching option.)

To learn more and register for this great experience click here

Mom’s Healing Retreat
August 11th-13th, 2023
Facilitator: Melodee James

The Mothers Healing Together Retreat is a weekend gathering for women who have endured the devastating loss of children.  Spending time together gives us an opportunity to share our stories, celebrate our children, learn from one another and develop new coping skills as we continue to walk this path of grief.
This year our retreat will begin on Friday evening and will conclude after breakfast on Sunday.  Feel free to book additional nights for relaxation and renewal. We are hoping that you will join us and also bring a friend.  We’re looking forward to seeing many new and old friends.

It is $279 for the weekend which includes the retreat, your overnight accommodations and meals from Friday evening through Sunday morning. Register for the weekend by contacting Wiawaka at (518) 668-9690 or emailing

Please contact Melodee James at for additional information about the weekend.

Appreciation Celebration Yoga Retreat
August 24th-26th, 2023
Facilitators: Kathleen Fisk and Tina Briscoe

Story Telling Weekend
August 26th – 27th, 2023
Multiple Instructors and Classes

Storytelling Concert
Saturday August 26th, 2023

Spiritual Stories
Sunday August 27th, 2023

“Once there was a PLACE” with Claire Nolan
Saturday August 26th
, 2023

Storytelling is a way to explore the world, our place in it, and how we connect to nature. In this storytelling workshop, you will think about your “spiritual home”. Why is that place special to you? Who are the people you associate with that place? What animals and plants live there? What are the
stories you connect with that place? How is your spiritual home threatened? What can you do about the threats? You will learn some storytelling techniques and participate in activities to help you connect
creatively to your spiritual home. We will write, draw pictures, and walk the Labyrinth as we create our stores. You will tell the story of your spiritual home as a fairy tale or a folk tale – it is, after all a magical place. If you wish, you can record your story to share with others.

Spirit Dolls with Lorraine Hartin Gelardi
Saturday August 26th
, 2023

In childhood, dolls are often playmates and confidantes. As children grow into adulthood, that childhood bond with dolls is replaced with other relationships but the influence of that original attachment remains. Immerse yourself in the delight of making your own spirit doll. Using simple materials, participants will get an opportunity to express their creativity and make a unique doll invested with memories and intention. Inevitably, memories of childhood and beyond will arise and participants are invited to share these recollections in conversations as they work. Storyteller Lorraine Hartin-Gelardi will share a short story at the beginning of the workshop to set the mood for our creative journey.

The Storytelling Quilt with Karen Sangaline Pillsworth
Sunday August 27th
, 2023

Our lives are made up of so many stories, but how to know which ones to tell? In this one hour workshop we will discover just one of those stories to begin with, and come away with the tools to discover others. Please bring a favorite photo or object to help us begin your journey. Your stories await!

To sign up for just one class, the entire weekend, or with any questions contact