Mary Scott

6th Annual Unplug and Unwind

June 23rd, 2019 9:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Join us for this very special retreat day for professional women (all women) who are caught between the demands of career, family, and the multiple demands of busy lives. Join Mary Scott for a day dedicated to coming back to yourself and discovering peace and joy right where you are, while nurturing calmness and clarity and feeling deep layers of stress melt away.
The workshops fee is $45. Lunch is $12, call Wiawaka to reserve your space. 
Limited to 20 participants. Register with Mary email


Jane Austen Society Retreat
June 22nd – 23rd, 2019

Jane Austin.jpg

Join the Jane Austen Society North America-New York Capital Region for the 7th Annual Jane Austen Retreat. Participants of the weekend will join scholars and enthusiasts in exploring Austen’s world through facilitated discussions of Pride and Prejudice.

Please contact to reserve your room.


Rising Strong – 2-day Intensive Workshop  
June 28 – 30th, 2019
Cate LaBarre

Cate at the lake (1)Join us for Rising Strong™, an experiential program based on Brené Brown’s research on vulnerability, courage, shame, and worthiness.

Register through Cate’s website:

Please make your reservations for accommodations by contacting

Early registration by May 31st, 2019.

YOUniqely You!
June 28th – 30th , 2019

Photo - Head Shot 1 - S A BursteinRetreat leader: Sharon Burstein

Empowering women of all ages to become the best YOU! This fabulous weekend retreat is filled with laughter, love, connections and building you as a woman to new levels of personal growth and success in every aspect of your life, inside and out.

Registration is through Sharon’s website at If you have any questions please contact Sharon at (518) 339-4027 and at

In Harmony Yoga
July 11th – 13th, 2019

The Appreciation Celebration, A Kripalu Yoga Retreat is an invitation to slow down, consciously breathe, come out of your head and take that 17-inch journey from your head to your heart. This creates a gateway for your inner wise woman, inner guru, inner knowing to rise and be heard.



The Art of Living Consciously
July 18th – 21st, 2019
Instructor: Louise Finlayson


This dynamic, life-changing experiential four-day retreat led by Dr. Finlayson is an opportunity to unplug, look within, and discover your most authentic self.  Many of us become absorbed in our day to day lives of taking care of our family, making money, and running ourselves ragged trying to complete our to-do list of chores. This retreat offers participants a chance to get off the hamster wheel of their lives and press the “reset” button. Louise teaches timeless spiritual/philosophical principles and translates them into clear, usable concepts and skills for effective change.  This retreat is best suited for those seeking to challenge themselves and are willing to step outside of their comfort zone. Expect to work, play, learn, and connect in this small-group setting. Be prepared for a transformational experience that is more than the sum of its parts. Yes, there will be meditation, journaling, mindfulness exercises, role-playing exercises, communication exercises… but these don’t adequately describe the powerful impact of attending this retreat.
Contact Louise at (518) 218-0707 or visit her website to register

Please call Wiawaka at (518) 668-9690 for accommodations.

A clinical psychologist and transformational coach, Louise Finlayson Ph.D., is an inspired, dedicated, and passionate teacher. She is known for the clarity of her teaching, and her ability to help people take practical, concrete steps towards happier and more fulfilling lives. Her events focus on a balance of inner work, experiential exercises, play, and meditative practices while developing a highly engaged, non-judgmental group environment.

Quilting & Applique Retreat
July 22-26, 2019
9-12 House of Trix
Instructor: Pat Bayard
Join Pat Bayard for a Stained Glass Applique wall hanging class. There is a small fee for the kit between $10.00 and $15.00. There will be small kits available for beginners too. Bring along your sewing machine to work on your own project and/or Pat’s project. There will be ample time in the afternoon to enjoy Wiawaka’s grounds and beautiful Lake George.
Space is limited to 10 people.  If there are any questions about the class, please call Pat at
(518) 854-9920 or text her at (518) 760-1491.

Please contact to confirm your reservation.



Every Woman A Goddess
August 1st – August 5th, 2019
Instructor: Pam Medina

Every Woman A Goddess Yoga Retreat
Feeling a bit frazzled by life and over-burned by responsibility?   Restore your peace with this life-affirming retreat! Come renew your spirit, dear one!  Remember the joyful and sacred soul that lives inside you. Remember that you are extracted straight from the divine source. You are divine nectar. You are a goddess!

Compassionate yoga and meditation teacher, Pam Medina E-RYT, guides us through healing yoga, clarifying journaling, relaxing meditations, heartfelt sisterhood, and silliness to nurture our inner goddess. Participate in gorgeous ceremonies; filled with celebratory singing, chanting, drumming, dancing and playfulness to expand your heart, laugh from your center, and feel the rejuvenating power of Nature.

This 4 night/5 day, refreshing spiritual retreat quenches your need to experience plentiful down time to rest and recover from the busyness of modern life. Bask in the blessed waters and majestic mountain views of Lake George. Reawaken your true life’s purpose. Remember who you are.

You are powerful. You are loved. You are deserving of health, happiness, and comfort. You are a goddess. Yes, YOU!
Click the link above for more information or contact
Pam at (518) 944-7090 or email her at


Women’s Empowerment Retreat
August 7th and 8th, 2019
nstructor: Louise Finlayson

LouiseAs girls, we were taught and encouraged to please others, seek approval, and be “likeable”, even when it was detrimental to us. In my work as a psychologist and coach, I’ve found that women of all ages and from all walks of life struggle with issues of self-doubt, self-esteem, and self-confidence. All too often, we look outside of ourselves for our empowerment. But as it turns out, it’s an inside job because our power lies within us, and it is available to us if we just know how to tap into it.

In this fun, experiential 2-day retreat, learn to recognize and overcome internal barriers to becoming the empowered woman that you long to be.

-identify and let go of self-limiting beliefs

– establish and enforce healthy emotional and physical boundaries

-learn to say a clear “no” or a clear “yes”

-build inner confidence

-fully embody your unique voice

A clinical psychologist and transformational coach, Louise Finlayson Ph.D., is an inspired, dedicated, and passionate teacher. She is known for the clarity of her teaching, and her ability to help people take practical, concrete steps towards happier and more fulfilling lives. Her events focus on a balance of inner work, experiential exercises, play, and meditative practices while developing a highly engaged, non-judgmental group environment.

Contact Louise at (518) 218-0707 or visit her website at
Please call Wiawaka at (518) 668-9690 for accommodations.


Arts & Regeneration Female Veteran Retreat
August 12-16, 2019
Creative Healing Connections has been using the arts and nature to help active duty and veteran women heal from physical, emotional and spiritual injuries sustained during their military service. This retreat is for women who come from all branches of the service.



5 Day Yoga Retreat
August 12th – 16th, 2019
Instructor: Allie Middleton
Dawn yoga on the Dock at 7 am
Daily 3 hour yoga and energy medicine session 

Allie MiddletonJoin experienced Kripalu trained yoga therapist and energy medicine practitioner, Allie Middleton in this 5 day workshop. Each dawn Allie will offer a meditative flow on the dock followed by a three hour morning class ( except Wednesday when class will be in the afternoon). The rest of the time is optional contemplative practices. Enjoy time with the many treasures of beautiful Lake George.

Curricula includes specialized yoga practices from the ancient wisdom traditions and texts. You will learn mudras and meditations to pair with mindful movements. Allie will also share energy medicine practices designed to clear old energy from your body and mind. Join us to open and illuminate your heart in a sacred container for transformation and fun.

We’ll have optional evening stargazing yoga on the dock in the evenings and a fire on Friday night.

Please contact the front desk to make reservations at (518) 668-9690 option 1.
This retreat will fill up quickly!


Loss of a child and the pathway to healing…
August 25th, 2019 

The Mothers Healing Together Retreat is a weekend gathering for women who have endured the devastating loss of children.  Spending time together gives us an opportunity to share our stories, celebrate our children, learn from one another and develop new coping skills as we continue to walk this path of grief.  This year our retreat will begin on Sunday, August 25th at 9:00 am and conclude after breakfast on Monday August 26th.  Although the program will only be one night, feel free to book additional nights for relaxation and renewal. We are hoping that you will join us and also bring a friend.  We’re looking forward to seeing many new and old friends.

Please call Wiawaka at (518) 668-9690 to register at

Please contact Melodee James at if you need any information.